Mike Hernandez III Achieves Selection as “Person of the Year”

Mike Hernandez III

Mike Hernandez III

A respected Dallas entrepreneur, Micheal Albert Hernandez III heads D & M Leasing as chief executive officer. He also has a strong connection with the Brownsville community, where he was born and raised. Through the PAC OP 10.33, Mike Hernandez III focuses on a Gulf Coast region that suffers from high unemployment, despite a location strategically near the Mexico border.

With OP 10.33, Mike Hernandez III aims to increase regional economic activity in ways that help local residents build a better future. In December 2016, he was selected by the Brownsville Avenger as “Person of the Year.” This recognition reflected his high-profile mission to turn around “the city that always sleeps.” In particular, he brought to the table not only an action blueprint, but also funds to turn his plans into reality in areas such as politics and education.

In making the selection, the Avenger opined that Mr. Hernandez appears to be focused on effecting long-term community change and predicted that 2017 will emerge as “an even bigger and better year” for OP 10.33. The organization aims to raise $10 million in community investment within the next several years.

The Brownsville Poverty Challenge and OP10.33


OP10.33 pic

Image: op1033.org

Now in semi-retirement, Micheal Albert Hernandez III has overseen operations at D&M Leasing in Dallas, Texas, since he purchased a stake in the company in 1990. Beyond his work, Mike Hernandez III is involved in local philanthropy, with a focus on his home city of Brownsville.

In 2013, the Houston Chronicle reported that Brownsville was the poorest city in the United States. According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau, 36 percent of the city’s residents lived below the national poverty line, which is more than double the 17 percent average for the State of Texas. Further, the data discovered that over a third of residents had not earned their high school diplomas, whereas almost a quarter only have that diploma and no other educational certification.

In response to this news, Mike Hernandez III formed OP10.33 with the aim of opening up educational opportunities and transforming the Cameron Country area into a more prosperous region. The organization funds projects throughout the area that further this aim, with the goal of achieving a full transformation by 2033.

The Texas A&M Foundation – Helping Students Fund Their Educations


Texas A&M Foundation pic

Texas A&M Foundation
Image: txamfoundation.com

Dallas-based D&M Leasing CEO Micheal “Mike” Albert Hernandez III is actively involved in several philanthropic pursuits in Texas. Mike Hernandez III recently donated more than $1 million to the Texas A&M Foundation as part of the Brownsville Scholars Program.

The Texas A&M Foundation is dedicated to raising funds in support of Texas A&M University. The foundation works in collaboration with alumni, partnering corporations, and a wide range of supporters to fund scholarships, enhance student programming, and update buildings and infrastructure.

When making contributions to Texas A&M, donors may decide how their gifts are to be used. By selecting “student impact,” donors help fund scholarships, fellowships, and other assistance programs that directly touch the lives of current and future students.

Donors who choose to establish endowed scholarships can help even more students. The A&M Foundation invests these funds to maximize growth, allowing a gift to help generations of students in perpetuity.

Cameron County Education Initiative Opens Opportunities

Cameron County Education Initiative  pic

Cameron County Education Initiative
Image: op1033.org

Semi-retired as the CEO of Dallas, Texas-based D & M Leasing, Micheal Albert Hernandez III has demonstrated his commitment to philanthropy in his native city of Brownsville. He supports a variety of organizations focused on education, social services, and business growth. In addition, Mike Hernandez III is the founder and director of the group OP 10.33, whose name references its goal of creating wide-ranging improvements for Brownsville’s residents by October 2033.

The Cameron County Education Initiative serves as a partner organization for OP 10.33 in the community. The initiative has crafted a slate of plans that involve assisting residents studying for their GED high school equivalency diploma, as well as facilitating free adult literacy services.

The initiative recently announced that it had acquired the use of more than 10,000 square feet of teaching and learning space on Ruben M. Torres Boulevard, which organizers have dedicated to the new programs.

In addition, CCEI leaders have established the goal of beginning programs concentrating on trade skills, information and communications technologies, and health-related studies.

All of these promising efforts demonstrate the initiative’s focus on providing–debt-free and funded at no cost to local taxpayers–much-needed job training and higher education services for a city that is among the poorest and most under-resourced in the nation.

Cameron County Education Initiative – New Workplace Training Facility

Cameron County Education Initiative pic

Cameron County Education Initiative
Image: facebook.com

Micheal “Mike” Albert Hernandez III serves as the CEO of D&M Leasing in Dallas. Alongside his involvement in the auto leasing company, Mike Hernandez III is a respected philanthropist in the Brownsville, Texas, area. He is responsible for creating the OP 10.33 PAC and the Cameron County Education Initiative (CCEI).

The CCEI recently obtained a 12,000-square-foot venue in Brownsville that will serve as a workplace training facility. Participants will have access to GED test preparation services, adult literacy programs, ESL classes, and other employment readiness services.

All of this training will be available at no cost to students, thanks to CCEI and partners at community initiative OP 10.33. CCEI hopes to expand programming beyond basic career readiness in the near future.

Training programs in allied health, such as certified medical assistant and electronic health record technician, are on the horizon at CCEI. The organization also hopes to provide training support for information technology and manufacturing careers in the hope of expanding services to Brownsville residents.

Hernandez Foundation Supports Guadalupe Regional Middle School


Guadalupe Regional Middle School  pic

Guadalupe Regional Middle School
Image: op1033.org

Michael Albert Hernandez III serves as the chief executive officer of D&M Leasing in Dallas. Outside of work, Mike Hernandez III remains actively involved with the community where he grew up in Brownsville, Texas, by supporting a number of initiatives, including the eponymous Hernandez Foundation. Recently, he donated $250,000 to the Endowment Fund of Guadalupe Regional Middle School through the foundation.

The school has a proven track record of success helping students succeed academically while receiving the social support they need to continue performing at their peak. In addition, Guadalupe Regional continues to provide services to students through college to encourage success. However, because the school operates without tuition from students, its financial solvency is in question each year. This gift will allow the school’s endowment to grow and provide protection for its programs in times of economic difficulty.

Additionally, the Hernandez Foundation has promised a matching grant for the 2017-2018 academic school year. Individuals who would like to help the institution reach the matching gift goal can make contributions online at GuadalupePrep.org.